Old las vegas hotels and casinos

Hotel/Casino Opened Closed History
El Rancho Vegas 1941 1960 First resort on the Las Vegas Strip; featured a dude ranch and rodeo
The Flamingo 1946 N/A Opened by Bugsy Siegel; known for its pink neon lights and tropical theme
Sands Hotel and Casino 1952 1996 One of the first luxury hotels on the Strip; hosted The Rat Pack and other entertainers
Stardust Resort and Casino 1958 2006 Featured a 32-story tower shaped like a star; known for its casino and live entertainment
Tropicana Las Vegas 1957 N/A Inspired by the Tropicana Club in Havana, Cuba; known for its lush landscaping and Polynesian theme
Sahara Hotel and Casino 1952 2011 One of the first “destination resorts” on the Strip; featured a Moroccan theme and a nightclub


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