Gta casino heist cheat sheet

Approach Required Setup Missions Mission Costs Additional Notes
Silent & Sneaky
  • Hacking Device
  • EMP Device
  • Keycards
  • Stealth is required throughout the heist.
  • Requires a higher skill level than other approaches.
  • Can be the most profitable approach if executed correctly.
Big Con
  • Gruppe Sechs Disguise
  • Patrol Routes
  • Duggan Shipments
  • Players must blend in with the casino staff.
  • Requires careful planning and coordination.
  • Can be a challenging approach, but offers a high potential payout.
  • Weapons Loadout
  • Noose Gear
  • Vault Explosives
  • Requires a lot of firepower.
  • Can be a chaotic and unpredictable approach.
  • Offers a quicker and more straightforward path to the vault.

Vault Contents Value Additional Notes
Cash $2,115,000
  • The most common vault content.
  • Value varies depending on the casino’s take.
  • Can be easily transported and sold.
Gold $2,335,000
  • A valuable and heavy vault content.
  • Requires a Mule Custom to transport.
  • Can be difficult to sell, but offers a high payout.
Art $2,415,000
  • A rare and valuable vault content.
  • Requires a Gruppe Sechs Disguise to transport.
  • Can be sold for a high price, but is difficult to obtain.
Diamonds $2,721,500
  • The most valuable vault content.
  • Requires a Depository Key Card to access.
  • Offers the highest payout, but is the most difficult to obtain.

Hacker Cut Required Skill Level Additional Notes
Paige Harris 15% Low
  • The default hacker.
  • Provides a basic level of hacking support.
  • Can be upgraded to increase her cut.
Avi Schwartzman 20% Medium
  • A more skilled hacker than Paige.
  • Provides faster hacking times.
  • Can be upgraded to further increase her cut.
Rickie Lukens 30% High

Driver Cut Required Skill Level Additional Notes
Eddie Toh 10% Low
  • The default driver.
  • Provides basic driving skills.
  • Can be upgraded to increase his cut.
Karim Denz 15% Medium
  • A more skilled driver than Eddie.
  • Provides faster driving speeds and better handling.
  • Can be upgraded to further increase his cut.
Gustavo Mota 20% High