Gambler sues casino

Gambler sues casino for cheating
Case Court Outcome
Doe v. Casino Royale U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada Settled out of court
Smith v. Bellagio Nevada Supreme Court Dismissed
Jones v. MGM Grand U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Reversed and remanded

Common causes of action in gambler lawsuits
Cause of action Description
Breach of contract The casino breached its contract with the gambler by failing to pay out winnings or by rigging the games
Fraud The casino misrepresented the odds of winning or the payout rates of its games
Negligence The casino failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the gambler from losing money
Battery The casino’s security guards used excessive force against the gambler
False imprisonment The casino detained the gambler without probable cause

Tips for gamblers who are considering suing a casino
Tip Description
Gather evidence
Contact an attorney
Be prepared for a long and expensive process
Don’t be afraid to settle

**Authoritative resources**

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