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Gig guide: March on 2022

It seems surreal to be putting together a list of cool arts and culture events while Europe is entering a war, toggling between web pages with deets of what’s on stage and news sites showing Russian tanks invading the Ukraine. The worst case scenario, of course, is someone unleashes the nukes, then it’s ta ta world.… Read more

Gig guide: February

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. God help us all.

V-Day options

If you’re loaded enough to take your better half on a super larnie kak expensive date, here’s something for you: A five-star sailing experience on-board Mirage, South Africa’s luxurious private charter yacht.… Read more

Gig guide: early December

Everyone who makes a living from theatre and music and live gigs held their breaths on Sunday 28 November when Cyril held a ‘family meeting’ after the Omicron Covid variant was found. But we’re breathing again, for now. Covid infection numbers are climbing and we don’t know how long we’ll still be able to go out, so get it while you can.
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Gig guide: the gates to festive time

It’s almost fokol it’s festive time with November around the corner, signaling the slow death of this godforsaken year. With cabin fever permeating into our marrow, do we even remember how to socialize and consume art or has lockdown siphoned the levity from our souls?
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Mother City Arts 30 July 2021

You think we’ve hit the bottom, then realise there is no bottom, things can always get worse.

Cue an attempted insurrection, looting and arson on a mass scale across KZN and in Gauteng, amidst which a chemicals warehouse burns down engulfing parts of Durban in toxic fumes and killing the Ohlanga River estuary overnight.… Read more

DE|COMPOSITION: Life and death in process

In DE|COMPOSITION, artist, political ecologist, geographer, and environmental scientist Linzi Lewis puts forward the notion that “Life is a fragile and uncertain celebration.” Death is certain and integral to life, rebirth is intangible yet constant. Somewhere in between the two is where she locates her performance.

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