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December gig guide

Summer is here. Work is a drag, drag, drag but the holiday – that most bourgeois concept – beckons. Whatever! Life is about to get lekka, and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to jols. Be wys.

Music festivals

If you are desperate to get out of the city this weekend (2 and 3 December) we strongly suggest the Shifty Oppie Weskus Koppie music festival.… Read more

Gig guide: Into october

So ja, the weather came and klapped us. This is what happens, and it’s gonna happen again, and more often, because we’ve taken most of the carbon the planet spent aeons accumulating and storing underground and then just released it back into the atmosphere in the eye blink that is 200 years.
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Gig guide: September

Like, spring is coming. You think? GET OUT AND DO SHIT


There’s been some antici……..pation titillating the nerve endings since the announcement a couple of months ago that SA author Damon Galgut’s Booker Prize-winning novel The Promise would be adapted for stage.… Read more

February gig guide

It’s Valentine’s Day this month. Just a warning: the moneygrubbers will be out to get you for the sake of lurve. Fuk’em. You’ve got better things to spend your long-awaited January pay cheque on (if you’re lucky enough to get a pay cheque, that is, you 20 percenter, you).

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October gig guide

Equinox has come and gone, the nights are getting shorter, which is all the more reason to make the most of them. Also, doing something during the day no longer means you have to get home in the dark.


The award-winning, exemplary, acclaimed theatrical team of Andrew Buckland, Sylvaine Strike, directed by the inimitable Toni Morkel, with live piano accompaniment by Tony Bentel, return to the Baxter theatre with Firefly.Read more

Gig guide: September

Schools are having their civvies day, people are diving into the ocean at dawn en masse, flowers are blooming up the west coast, the City of Cape Town is holding back on cutting the grass in their parks and verges. Because: Spring.Read more

Gig guide: March on 2022

It seems surreal to be putting together a list of cool arts and culture events while Europe is entering a war, toggling between web pages with deets of what’s on stage and news sites showing Russian tanks invading the Ukraine. The worst case scenario, of course, is someone unleashes the nukes, then it’s ta ta world.… Read more

Gig guide: February

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. God help us all.

V-Day options

If you’re loaded enough to take your better half on a super larnie kak expensive date, here’s something for you: A five-star sailing experience on-board Mirage, South Africa’s luxurious private charter yacht.… Read more