Betting meaning in hindi

Betting Meaning in Hindi
English Word Hindi Meaning Related Phrases Authoritative Resources
Bet शर्त Place a bet, Betting odds, Bet on, Bet against Collins Dictionary
Bookmaker सट्टेबाज Bookmaker’s office, Bookmaker’s odds Merriam-Webster
Odds अनुमान Betting odds, Long odds, Short odds Cambridge Dictionary
Stake दांव Stake money, Stake a claim, Stake out Lexico
Gamble जुआ Gamble away, Gamble on, Gamble with Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
Wager शर्त Wager money, Wager on, Wager a race
Pool पूल Swimming pool, Gene pool, Pool of candidates The Free Dictionary
Racecourse रेसकोर्स Racecourse manager, Racecourse ground Macmillan Dictionary
Betting slip सट्टेबाजी पर्ची Betting slip generator, Betting slip checker Betting Slip Generator
Sports betting खेल सट्टेबाजी Sports betting tips, Sports betting guide Sports Betting