Best casino chips

Casino Chip Material Denomination Features Origin
Paulson Signature Chip ABS plastic $1-$5,000 Holographic design, RFID inlay United States
Monarch Casino Chip Ceramic $25-$100,000 Edge spot pattern, patented inlay Canada
Gemaco Casino Chip Polycarbonate $1-$5,000 Anti-counterfeiting features, custom designs United Kingdom
JCM Global Casino Chip ABS plastic $1-$5,000 Integrated RFID technology, NFC compatibility China
CPO Casino Chip Ceramic $25-$100,000 Exceptional durability, edge-banding technology Austria
Sun International Casino Chip ABS plastic $1-$5,000 Intricate artwork, innovative security features South Africa
Caesars Entertainment Casino Chip Polycarbonate $1-$5,000 Iconic branding, tamper-proof design United States
Crown Casino Chip Ceramic $25-$100,000 Innovative inlay system, exceptional quality Australia

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