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Rain adds to drifting excitement

Technique was the telling factor as rubber burned on a wet Grand Parade

Cruising in to Cape Town on Heritage Day, Jackie Crewe found himself fizzing with anticipation in the knowledge that ahead of him was a long-awaited petrolhead extravaganza kicking off hard, and right in the heart of the CBD.… Read more

Father and son forge a Sierra-driven bond

The Mother City car culture is an intergenerational thing, and in today’s story this comes to life as a passion for Ford, and restoration skills passed down from father to son.

About 15 years ago Nur Kemp was a legend on the local scene with his paint-flip split-bonnet Ford Sierra a source of wonder across the Cape.… Read more

An Escort to turn heads

Sauntering onto a Cape show ’n shine field on a crisp winter’s morning, with the sunlight not quite yet gleaming off polished hoods, the car most likely to catch your eye is the one that appears to glow with an internal light.… Read more