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​Everyone dies: No gauche debutante

​Not thinking about death – our own and that of the people we love – is probably a mechanism of the mind that prevents us from being paralysed by its inevitability. Although, paradoxically, death can provide the impetus to enjoy life while we have it, and to find the kind of perspective that allows us to gracefully deal with the daily frustrations and irritations that accompany a beating heart.… Read more

Gig guide: September

Like, spring is coming. You think? GET OUT AND DO SHIT


There’s been some antici……..pation titillating the nerve endings since the announcement a couple of months ago that SA author Damon Galgut’s Booker Prize-winning novel The Promise would be adapted for stage.… Read more

Father and son forge a Sierra-driven bond

The Mother City car culture is an intergenerational thing, and in today’s story this comes to life as a passion for Ford, and restoration skills passed down from father to son.

About 15 years ago Nur Kemp was a legend on the local scene with his paint-flip split-bonnet Ford Sierra a source of wonder across the Cape.… Read more

Attorney in midst of Amazon development debacle faces Legal Practice Council complaint

Besides misrepresenting his qualifications, a complaint has been laid against Cape Town attorney Timothy Dunn with the Legal Practice Council by the Willow Arts Collective (WAC).

The collective is a group of about 30 people who occupy the former National Circus School grounds at 2 Willow Street in Observatory.… Read more