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February gig guide

It’s Valentine’s Day this month. Just a warning: the moneygrubbers will be out to get you for the sake of lurve. Fuk’em. You’ve got better things to spend your long-awaited January pay cheque on (if you’re lucky enough to get a pay cheque, that is, you 20 percenter, you).

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A Moveable Feast: Hemingway gives us the gift of now

Never travel without a book. Fair enough. So it was forgetting to pack a novel that led me to buying Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast at the airport bookshop before boarding a flight upcountry.

With his love of hunting, game fishing, bull fighting, being wounded in World War I and on the front lines of both the Spanish civil war and World War II as a journalist, as well as having four wives, Hemingway has become synonymous with masculinity, often deemed to be toxic, to the point of being a parody.… Read more

Sewage on the seashore

The City has been proactive about closing beaches following reported sewage spills, but nothing done at other beaches where tests show water is highly polluted
Activists concerned City’s routine coastal water quality testing is little more than a tick-box exercise

Water quality test results from December show numerous beaches were too polluted for safe swimming, but nothing was done by the City despite other beaches having being closed during the holiday season following reported sewage spills.… Read more

Major development node slated for Stranfontein

The neglected, derelict Strandfontein Pavilion has been earmarked to become a new mixed use development node featuring almost 1,200 residential units with retail and ecologically sensitive recreational facilities to banish the resort’s apartheid origins.

Currently isolated from Strandfontein’s urban edge, it is hoped the development will spur further private investment in the surrounding area, upgrading the under-used False Bay coastline between Muizenberg and Strand.… Read more