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Tourism is back on track, along with carbon emissions

Visitors at the Table Mountain frame at the V&A Waterfront
Cape Town tills are expected to ring as summer visitor numbers are back to pre-covid levels, but as a long-haul destination, the economic boost also contributes to the climate crisis.

The tourists are back. Covid lockdowns decimated the tourism and hospitality sector, with job losses across the board in 2020, but according to City and Province officials, Cape Town and the Western Cape are expecting a bumper summer season, with visitor numbers back up to pre-Covid levels.… Read more

Glen Carlou gets it right

Bottle of wine

This past weekend I took myself on a solo date. Is there anything better than incredible food (that you didn’t cook yourself), fabulous wine, and fantastic company? The company being me and my latest book of course. In my lane, rested, moisturised and flourishing.… Read more