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Gig guide: March on 2022

It seems surreal to be putting together a list of cool arts and culture events while Europe is entering a war, toggling between web pages with deets of what’s on stage and news sites showing Russian tanks invading the Ukraine. The worst case scenario, of course, is someone unleashes the nukes, then it’s ta ta world.… Read more

Staffing crisis at Home Affairs

Almost two-thirds of civic service posts are vacant in the department
The once efficient Cape Town office now has block-long queues from 6am

There is a critical shortage of staff at home affairs, resulting in day-long queues becoming a permanent feature outside their offices, and it won’t be sorted out in the near future.… Read more

The Sweetest Thing: irresistible tarts

he cynics among us believed it was never going to happen. After cable thieves brought the Metrorail southern line to a stop at Retreat in October last year, the coastal section to Fish Hoek would simply rust away over time and become another relic of a looted state.… Read more

Heritage rights at stake

Court set to rule on interdict to halt River Club development

  • The development, which would include a regional headquarters for corporate giant Amazon, is opposed by the Observatory Civic Association and by the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council.
  • The applicants say they were left out of consultations and only the First Nations Collective, a group supporting the development, was consulted.
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Gig guide: February

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. God help us all.

V-Day options

If you’re loaded enough to take your better half on a super larnie kak expensive date, here’s something for you: A five-star sailing experience on-board Mirage, South Africa’s luxurious private charter yacht.… Read more