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Media CEO link to River Club developer

  • Local publication punts River Club development while CEO has boardroom connections to developer’s interests

The boardroom deal which saw Highbury Media CEO Kevin Ferguson become a director in a company with direct links to the River Club developers, came after an editorial criticising the development was removed from Highbury’s Cape{town}etc publication without explanation.… Read more

Gig guide: early December

Everyone who makes a living from theatre and music and live gigs held their breaths on Sunday 28 November when Cyril held a ‘family meeting’ after the Omicron Covid variant was found. But we’re breathing again, for now. Covid infection numbers are climbing and we don’t know how long we’ll still be able to go out, so get it while you can.
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Chart Farm: Food and roses, wine if you like

There is no foot traffic, you can’t see it from the road, and even if you know it’s there, finding the entrance can be tricky. For these reason’s, Chart Farm is one of the lesser known Cape Town treasures.

You’ve got to take the Trovato Link turnoff just as you’re coming down Wynberg Hill, turn right at the T-junction into Klaasen’s Road, go back under the highway and keep a sharp eye out for a small brown sign.… Read more

Beautiful World, Where are You: Indeed

Intimate, is one way to describe Sally Rooney’s latest novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

There are only four characters: close friends Alice and Eileen, and the men with whom they are each intertwined, being Felix and Simon respectively.

Alice is a wildly successful young novelist – much like Rooney herself – and has returned to Ireland after a nervous breakdown in New York, what with the demands of book signings and talks and the social circuit expectations success brings.… Read more

Harlem Shuffle: The art of not breaking

Is it possible for a person with a modicum of ambition to be straight in a crooked world?

This may be the central question of Colson Whitehead’s tenth novel, Harlem Shuffle. The world is Harlem, the person is Raymond Carney, who, as Whitehead dryly describes him, “was only slightly bent when it came to being crooked”.… Read more

Local comedian covers himself in gore

One of Cape Town’s favourite comedians has become a power-drill-wielding killer. Rob van Vuuren, known for extracting belly laughs from the audience with his tales of family life and acting travails, is starring in the international schlock horror Slumber Party Massacre.Read more