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Cape Town lawyer pleads not guilty to race attack

“Neighbour slashed my tyres because I’m black, then ran away from the police”, states complainant in criminal case

Sandiso Phaliso/GroundUp

A former Green Point resident who has charged a local attorney with malicious damage to property, believed the reason he slashed her car’s tyres was simply because she is black, and was defenceless. … Read more

Bays of sewage: Public hearings begin

Environment minister criticises City’s previous lack of engagement

After it was ordered to do so by the environment minister, the City of Cape Town has now started public hearings on three marine outfalls it operates. These pump about 28 million litres of sewage out to sea every day, according to reports commissioned by the City.… Read more

One less obstacle for Bishopscourt land claimants

Dreams of returning home to Bishopscourt, one of the most expensive suburbs in Cape Town today, are a step closer for 86 families evicted during apartheid. This after an appeal against the Protea Village restitution housing project was withdrawn.

The Friends of Liesbeek Association had brought a town planning appeal on environmental grounds.… Read more

Attorney in midst of Amazon development debacle faces Legal Practice Council complaint

Besides misrepresenting his qualifications, a complaint has been laid against Cape Town attorney Timothy Dunn with the Legal Practice Council by the Willow Arts Collective (WAC).

The collective is a group of about 30 people who occupy the former National Circus School grounds at 2 Willow Street in Observatory.… Read more

River Club: New twist in the plot

The founder of the Krotoa of the Goringhaicona says he told developers to target Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council leader Tauriq Jenkins

The founder of Krotoa of the Goringhaicona, an organisation which favoured the development of the River Club site in Cape Town, has revealed that he urged the developers to target the leader of the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council, which opposed the development.… Read more

District Six evictions – again

They withstood apartheid removals, now District Six families fight eviction by private owner
  • Six original District Six cottages now face the threat of developer’s bulldozers.
  • The row of Victorian cottages in District Six survived apartheid demolition after a Catholic religious order begged for their protection.
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December gig guide

Summer is here. Work is a drag, drag, drag but the holiday – that most bourgeois concept – beckons. Whatever! Life is about to get lekka, and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to jols. Be wys.

Music festivals

If you are desperate to get out of the city this weekend (2 and 3 December) we strongly suggest the Shifty Oppie Weskus Koppie music festival.… Read more

Humanity’s hollow delusions punctured

Clinging to an economic order that depends on laying waste to our planet has us facing a catastrophe

By Rod Amner

“When we allow self-evident truths to percolate past our defences and into our consciousness, they are treated like so many hand grenades rolling across the dance floor of an improbably macabre party.… Read more

Rain adds to drifting excitement

Technique was the telling factor as rubber burned on a wet Grand Parade

Cruising in to Cape Town on Heritage Day, Jackie Crewe found himself fizzing with anticipation in the knowledge that ahead of him was a long-awaited petrolhead extravaganza kicking off hard, and right in the heart of the CBD.… Read more

Gig guide: Into october

So ja, the weather came and klapped us. This is what happens, and it’s gonna happen again, and more often, because we’ve taken most of the carbon the planet spent aeons accumulating and storing underground and then just released it back into the atmosphere in the eye blink that is 200 years.
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